The BreckEpic Project

breck epic licence plateI am a cross country mountain bike racer.  My races are two hour sprints on trails.  Strategy choices play out in minutes.  A mechanical is a DNF.  I don’t even slow to slurp down a gel mid-race.  Fast, intense, then over just like that.  I love them.  However, I’ve listened to friends gush and groan about their longer race escapades.  Tales of finishing a stage with a duct taped derailleur, eating Twinkies at mile 42, taking pictures at a vista and still landing on the podium.  This is a world so foreign to me, so curious and seductive I have to give it a try.  So I signed up to race the BreckEpic in August in blissful ignorance of what is involved to do an event like this one.

The BreckEpic is a six day, mountain bike stage race in the mountains around Breckenridge Colorado.  Each day features a BIG ride of 30-50 miles of single track and climbs topping out over 13,000 ft.  This is a very different mountain bike race than the Pro XC format I focus on where my race is 105 minutes of sprinting on a 5 KM loop.  I’m nervous.  I’m excited.  I have a lot to learn to be successful.  So come along for the ride.  I’m going to share my learning curve, you can be my teammate, and maybe my antics will inspire you to do a stage race too!

Project Proposal: BreckEpic 2016

Goal:  To race and complete the Breck Epic 2016 as a solo rider.


  • 6 back to back days of hard mountain bike riding
  • 30 – 60 mile days taking an average of 5 hours of pedaling
  • Climbing an average of 6200 ft each day
I'll bike up and down all of these peaks. WOW!
I’ll bike up and down all of these peaks. WOW!

Steps to Success:

  • Equipment
    • Bike
    • Self-support Supplies
    • Drop Bags
  • Fueling
    • Pre-race
    • During
    • Post-race
  • Recovery
  • Fitness
    • Back to back days
    • Long days
    • Big elevation gains
    • Riding at serious elevation
  • The Unknown (???)

Project Completion Date: August 14-19, 2016

One thought on “The BreckEpic Project

  1. Hey Emma, this sounds awesome. I first heard about this race on the fat cyclist site. Have you seen his trip report? Makes it sound like fun suffering. Just google fat cyclist breck epic. It’s a bit involved. Good luck and we will be following along.


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