Moxie Kinetic [mok-see] [ki-NET-iks]: Having the courage, skill and verve to create a change to masses in motion. 

Born from a lifetime of athletic pursuits, mishaps, and being on both sides of the treatment table; Moxie Kinetics is movement therapy that meets the athlete where they are and provides tools to feel human propulsion that is efficient, sustainable and maximal.

  • Fully return to sport after injury
    • KNOW your tissue has healed to do the job you want it to do
    • Develop stability, strength and dynamic reaction to prevent re-injury
    • Engage the whole body to generate movement and force, instead of relying on a single system (like your knee) where wear-and-tear happen
  • Eliminate recurring activity related pain
    • Identify movement patterns that are causing excessive use
    • Feel clever motion generation and alternative patterns to do the same task
    • Fine tune your neuromuscular system to anticipate “dange zones” and react intelligently so injury is unlikely
  • Improve performance
    • Generate motion and force from your core so you are more efficient, powerful and accurate
    • Stabilize joints to increase flexibility and allow strength propagation with less fiber recruitment
    • Train specifically for your goals and honoring your history.


2 thoughts on “Moxie Kinetics

  1. Hi Emma! Next time you know you’re coming to SLC it would be sensational if you would give this workshop here!

    Miss you,


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