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    •  I found myself at my first mountain bike start line the year after I was in a near fatal mountain bike crash where I fell off a three-story cliff.  After Life Flight and countless surgeries to save my left foot, I was determined to become a better bike handler so I would unlikely have a repeat event.  I started racing not to race, but to meet women who were shredders to ride with.  Now, as an elite mountain biker, I race to challenge myself and connect with women to share my passion for the sport with. 
    • I have been racing in the elite ranks for three seasons after winning Cat 1 women XC at Sea Otter in 2015.  Since then, I consistently place in the top ten at Pro XCT and STXC events, was crowned the 2016 Pro Woman Fat Bike National Champion, landed in second place at BreckEpic after six grueling days in the mountains, and most recently placed second to Katerina Nash at Downieville for the All-Mountain World Championships.  In 2018 I plan to focus of the Epic Rides series, and will race several Pro XCT’s with my team and will contend for the MTB Nationals Pro Women’s Team title.  I will find myself racing regional events including Enduro’s, gravel grinders and cyclocross; which is religion in Oregon. Click here to view my race results and proposed 2018 race schedule.  
    • My stoke is found working technical lines on my mountain bike and methodically expanding my bike handling skills.  I regularly find myself mid-ride connecting with others and help them clean a slimy root step-up step or sight a line through the unforgiving lava rock baby heads.  This has evolved into regular mtb skills clinic series.  I am a professor at Central Oregon Community College teaching physiology based courses to vocational medical students; a professional background that I apply to my mtb, road and triathlon clients as a coach at Wenzel Coaching.  As I work with more and more athletes moving up the cycling ranks, I hope to have elite team experience to share with them too.  

      Race Highlights

    • 2017 All-Mountain World Championship (8/5-6 in Downieville, CA) Pro Women Second Place
    • 2017 Top 10 at Missoula Pro XCT and Dev Tech Pro XCT
    • 2016 Breck Epic MTB Stage Race (8/14-19 in Breckenridge, CO) Pro Women Second Place
    • 2016 USAC Top 20 Ranked Pro Women
    • 2016 Fat Bike National Championships (2/29 in Ogden, UT) Pro Women First Place
    •  2015 Oregon State Championships XC (8/8 in Alsea Falls, OR) Elite Women First Place
    •  2015 Sea Otter Classic XC (4/19 in Monterey, CA) Cat 1 Women 30-39 First Place

      What Makes Me Tick (And Pays The Bills)

    • I am passionate about getting more women racing mountain bikes.  (My ulterior motive is to have more women to race WITH.)  There are a growing number of organizations introducing women to mountain biking, but few opportunities for advanced women riders to develop racing potential or progress technical skills. As an agent of change, I am leading race camps and clinics through my local bike shop, Sunnyside Sports and Trek Women to fill this niche.  The race scene can be daunting to enter, and most women thrive competitively as part of a community opposed to navigating unfamiliar situations solo.  I have founded KS-Kenda Elite Women’s Team for it’s inaugural 2018 season with a mission to support and create opportunities for women who want to race at the elite level.  We plan to use our first season as a springboard to found a women’s development race team.  
    • I coach athletes with Wenzel Coaching.  Many of my clients are recovering from sports and repetitive injuries, allowing me to intelligently guide them through rehabilitation and fear issues as they pursue their competitive goals.  My background as a movement therapist has trained my eye to hone in on root habits cyclists have that are slowing down their skills progression.  I spend quite a bit of time in the field doing one-on-one clinics with my cyclists and support them at races.
    • I am a professor at Central Oregon Community College educating the next generation of manual therapists.  As a sports injury therapist, I work with athletes to help them recover from injury, stay healthy through training cycles and change movement patterns to be more efficient. I lead movement training clinics for specific athletic demographics rooted in sports injury physiology and performance bio-mechanics.   I combine my clinical, coaching and racing background to share insights to lifestyle athletes on injury prevention and training strategies as a featured blogger for Gnarly Nutrition