Moxie Kinetics is a method of therapy specifically designed to help athletes fully return to sport after injury, eliminate recurring activity related pain, and improve performance. This fine-tuning is achieved by changing movement patterns and reorganizing myofascial “snags”. I have been a sports injury therapist and athlete for fifteen years, successfully helping athletes from weekend warriors to Olympians.

The dynamic response of soft tissue to movement demands is often the stubborn hurdle to that last 5% recovery that just won’t happen after a serious trauma or surgery.  It is also a common culprit to repetitive injury, chronic pain,and the last barrier to reaching a big performance goal. A muscle imbalance or compromised muscle firing order may be the root cause for a runners illiotibial band syndrome. A neuromuscular miscommunication in a swimmers shoulder girdle can causes her right hand to cross in the pull phase reducing her efficiency. Restricted ankle mobility from a bad sprained ankle five years ago can lead a Nordic skier to excessively wear his right knee. These are the little details in athletic performance and tissue healing that I love to sleuth!

A session with me involves in depth movement evaluation specific to the activities and problems you are experiencing. I will assess joint range of motion, muscle firing patterns, tissue strength/length imbalances, and relevant movement integration/coordination. Together we will come up with a treatment plan that will involve soft tissue therapy, movement awareness and reeducation training that is tailored to your routine and life realities. Finally, “homework” will be assigned to continue tissue healing and integration of improved movement patterns. Usually this is a few “exercises” to be done as warm-up or cool-down from training (playing).

I strive to be a catalyst for healing but expect my clients to take ownership of their therapy. This means that clients must be interested in a learning process that involves ten to twenty minutes daily of “homework.” I am not in the business of being a crutch; providing therapy for you week after week if you are not going to do what needs to be done to effect a positive change. We will have a dialogue about what I see is the problem, what is happening at an anatomical and physiological level, and a plan that is doable around your busy life. I believe only when you understands what we are doing and why, will you be able to make good choices through your healing adventure. I expect clients to be present in their body and report what changes, discomforts and quality of pain you experience so we can evaluate progress and discard what is not working or is no longer necessary. We are all really busy, let’s not waste our time!

I have found through the years as an athlete and working with athletes that once we identify the root of a problem is and understand the pathology of an injury or pain, we are empowered to make micro-changes daily that ad up to a complete healing process.

Contact me to schedule a session or discuss if what I do is a good fit for you.

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